This is what you do when you have got a garden at home full of papaya trees! Sasti Photography (Part No. - pata nhi) Picture credits : My very own gallery.

The banks!

किनारों पर बैठ कर नदी का संगम देखा है, एक आसमां ऊपर और एक आसमां नीचे भी देखा है। . Meanwhile! . मन किया तो chill किया, बैठे बैठे kill किया !! . This place is called Gwari-ghat Jabalpur. Picture credit : My phone. Happy reading ❤

17 Reasons Why!

You really don't know for how long your parents are going to be with you, Never ever disrespect them. Do not let them down. No matter how much you love someone, but when your thoughts don't sync with your partner's thoughts it becomes so damn hard to survive together. Never ever depend upon your luck.... Continue Reading →

ये पल

This thought just lit my soul. अभी तक की ज़िंदगी में, कुछ ही पल हैं जो वाक़ई जिये हैं। बाकी सारे तो कड़वे घूंटों की भांति गट गट गट पिये हैं। - shivang Tell me if it's relatable!


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